Hurricanes vs Flames live NHL HD TV

A firefighter is seen near flames from a forest fire in Cabanoes, near Lousa, Portugal, October 16, 2017.Fernando Lourenco, 71. his wife and sister were asleep in their home in western Portugal when the flames engulfed the hillsides and descended into the village, The retirees never woke up.

Another local resident likened the spreading fire to a volcano. “I was sleeping and all of a sudden, I was awakened by an enormous noise, you could say it was like a volcano which took up everything in its path,” said Celestino Ribeiro, among those who escaped the catastrophe.

Thick sand, dust and smoke in the atmosphere turned the sky an ominous shade of yellow and transformed the sun into a deep orange colour.

The air also contained a significant amount of smoke from deadly wildfires in Spain and Portugal.

As Ophelia moves across Scandinavia, a trailing leg of cloud and rain will bring useful wet weather to the Iberian Peninsula. This will hopefully help to dampen the flames over the next few days.

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